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The Legacy of

Rudolph (Ron) Hohneck

He was the first person in

this country to practice what

we now call

Continuous Cover Forestry and

the first to start

Sustainable Kauri Management

Ron up the tree known as

King Kauri

Ron used hand hooks

and climbing boots

Born in California, Rudolph (Ron) Hohneck came to New Zealand as a five year old in 1899.

Ron, a renowned botanist of the late 19th century, dedicated his life to exploring and documenting nature’s wonders. He made significant contributions by discovering new plant species and advocating for conservation. His legacy inspires botanists and conservationists to this day.

“One of New Zealand forestry’s least known but most colorful forestry characters was Rudolph (Ron) Hohneck. But he was more than this, for he was the first person in this country to practice what we now call continuous cover forestry.

Director General of The New Zealand Forest Service

“So here was the beginning of actual sustainable Kauri Management”

Lindsay Poole (CBE), former Director

Step into history with Tram #101, one of Auckland’s first trams. This is sitting on part of the building site area and with some TLC it could re-discover its charm as a cabin or lunchroom, tourist attraction etc.

A large kauri tree in Hohneck’s Bush,
(now Kauri Gardens Estate) Mangatawhiri, February 1940

See the mother & daughter standing beside the trunk to give some idea of the scale.

Hohneck’s Bush was where a magnificent kauri tree once grew known as King Kauri.

Today, the area is called Kauri Gardens Estate, where you can still find old trees that have stood the test of time. Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the forest and witness the impressive presence of these trees that have graced the land for generations.